We are pleased to announce the publication of ER-018|SWIM SERVICE STANDARDISATION PACKAGE.
The present EUROCAE report encompasses the comprehensive analysis performed by WG-104 in the SWIM area, for ease of reference and possible application by interested stakeholders. The following parts provide an overview about the deliverables WG-104 has produced as individual reports, and how they can be used for standardisation of future services. These reports have been grouped under ER-018 and published as one comprehensive EUROCAE report. Part 1: REPORT ON PROPOSED WORK PROGRAMME AND A PRIORITISED LIST OF SWIM SERVICES FOR FUTURE STANDARDISATION. Part 2: REPORT ON LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE STANDARDISATION OF THE AMAN SERVICE. Part 3: REPORT ON SWIM SERVICE STANDARDISATION TEMPLATE.
It is available on the EUROCAE eShop: