Limited Membership is suited for Companies or Organisations wishing to participate in a single Working Group

Limited Members may select a specific Working Group they are interested in as far as they have the right competence. They are in principle not entitled to be WG Chairperson or Secretary (except upon decision from the Council or the Secretary General).

Limited Members are informed about ongoing activities of the specific WG, in which they participate, and benefit from free soft copies of any EUROCAE Document developed by this particular WG.

Also, they may benefit from 30% discount for the purchase of any EDs of the EUROCAE catalogue - See section on "EUROCAE Documents" (EDs) - as well as for events organised by EUROCAE.

As Limited Member of EUROCAE, your Company can

  • Privileged access to all the relevant EUROCAE standards used in your business today (ATM, Systems, Avionics).
  • Regular information keeping you up to date with all the activities in standardisation from Europe and beyond.
  • An invitation and special rates for the EUROCAE annual Symposium addressing the standardisation activities in your industry as well as information from other regional and global players in the field.
Be part of:
  • The only European aviation standardisation body representing your interests and supporting your business opportunities today and tomorrow.
  • Developing the Means of Compliance with European and global regulations as part of one Working Group.
  • A network of partners (private and public) that are the key actors of future aviation changes - the European Commission, SESAR JU, EASA, EUROCONTROL, RTCA, SAE, ICAO, etc.
  • A trusted group of professionals with a global reputation for setting the standard and leading developments, rather than following and living with the decisions of others.
  • Having a clear understanding of the context behind relevant standards and the knowledge to exploit them to best effect.
  • Being able to adjust and adapt my company’s investments and developments early with well informed knowledge of the latest trends.
  • Achieving significant influence within the industry.
  • Maintaining a reputation with your customers and suppliers as a leader in your field.
  • Being better prepared to respond to customer’s and regulator’s expectations.
  • Establishing a value for money investment both for now and for the future.
Contribute to:
  • The work that leads to the introduction of new industry standards.
  • Planning for new activities, potentially leading to new standards.
  • The future direction of industry standards.
  • Leadership of new activities under the EUROCAE banner.

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