Christian Schleifer-Heingärtner

Director General

Joined EUROCAE as acting Secretary General in July 2014 and took over the permanent position in February 2015.

As former President of the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in Montreal he was responsible for developing Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) in the field of Air Navigation and Safety.

Prior to his posting at ICAO, Mr. Schleifer was in charge of Aircraft and Equipment Certification, Airworthiness and Operational Requirements at the Austrian Civil Aviation Authority (Austro Control).

Christian Schleifer was a Certification and Flight Test Engineer specialised in Avionics, Electrics and Human-Machine interfaces. After his return from ICAO, he was involved in the strategic development of the ANS side of Austro Control, contributing to the European and Global Air Navigation modernisation programs.

Christian has his background in Electronic Engineering and Economics and is also holding a valid Avionic Maintenance License (AML) as well as a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and actively flies single and multi-engine aircraft.

Phone: +33 1 49 46 19 66

Elodie Lanniel

Executive Assistant

Elodie Lanniel has joined the EUROCAE Secretariat as Executive Assistant in June 2011.

Before joining EUROCAE, she worked as Assistant to President & Human Resources Assistant (Temporary employees management: establishment of contracts and follow-up) for international entities.

Elodie mainly deals with financial aspects of our 2 entities.

Phone: +33 1 49 46 19 65

Raphaël de Courrèges

Office Support Manager

Raphaël de Courrèges joined the team in September 2016.

Previously, he worked as a professional coach in a Counseling and HR consulting firm.

Phone: +33 1 49 46 19 70

Anna von Groote

Director Technical Programme

Anna von Groote has joined the EUROCAE Secretariat in 2011.

Before joining EUROCAE, she worked at the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) since 2006, where she assumed responsibilities for the organization’s work programme in different sectors. In her role as Programme Manager at CEN, she was responsible amongst others for the aerospace and air traffic management sector.

Anna holds a Master’s degree in European Studies from the Centre for European Integration Studies / University of Bonn (Germany) and a Master of Laws LLM in Technology and Intellectual Property Law from the University of Liverpool (UK).

Phone: +33 1 49 46 19 71

Anna Guégan

Technical Programme Manager

Anna Guégan has joined the EUROCAE Secretariat in 2018.

Before EUROCAE, she has gained experience in international relations and ICT policy, working both for the private and public sectors. She was consultant on satellite regulation and ICT market access in London, advising the leaders of the industry. She also worked for the French embassy in Beijing and Tsinghua University, and at a Brussels-based think tank.

Anna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Studies from the INALCO/Langues’O in Paris, and a Master’s degree in political sciences from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She also is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and an an (ISC)² member.

Phone: +33 1 49 46 19 67

Luc Deneufchatel

Technical Secretary - Expert

Luc Deneufchâtel has graduated from École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile in Toulouse. He spent 43 years with Direction des Services de Navigation Aérienne (the French ANSP).

He has been a member of the EUROCAE Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for 20 years since 2000, and TAC chairman from 2005 until the end of 2014.

Phone: +33 6 70 70 69 71

Sebastian Reschenhofer

Technical Programme Manager

Sebastian has joined the EUROCAE Secretariat in September 2019. First as Intern until he was hired as TPM in September 2020.

He has an engineering background and holds a Master´s degree in Aeronautical Engineering (MSc) from FH Joanneum University of applied Sciences in Graz, Austria as well as a Private Pilot License (PPL).

Phone: +33 1 49 46 19 69


Sergiu Marzac

Technical Programme Manager

Sergiu joined EUROCAE in April 2017 as Technical Programme Manager and since then is actively contributing to the implementation of the Technical Work Programme of the organisation.  

He has more than 15 years aviation experience both in Government and private sectors. Immediately prior to joining EUROCAE he worked for the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova where he dealt with high-level policy initiatives and regulatory affairs aiming at enforcing safe operations, high aviation security standards, fair competition and consumer protection. Before that he worked at Chisinau International Airport being responsible for the relations with state authorities and regulatory compliance.

Sergiu has a legal background. He holds a Master degree in International Law from the Moldovan State University, a Diploma in Civil Aviation Management from the Singapore Aviation Academy and an MBA in Aviation from the Danube University Krems.

Phone: +33 1 49 46 19 73

Alexander Engel

Attache seconded from EUROCONTROL

Alexander Engel supports EUROCAE since November 2012 in the Technical Program Management. He is on a 50% secondment from EUROCONTROL.

After almost 17 years in the German Air Force, including 12 years as military Air Traffic Control Officer at Lechfeld aerodrome and the Maastricht UAC, he joined EUROCONTROL in 1996 as Teamleader of the RADNET/RMCDE Implementation Team supporting users of surveillance data networks.

In 2005 he joined the Surveillance Unit at EUROCONTROL Headquarters in Brussels working in the domain of surveillance data distribution and managing the development of the surveillance data format ASTERIX. After moving to the Standardisation Unit in 2011 he is - apart from his ASTERIX work - mainly supporting the development and maintenance of EUROCONTROL Specifications and Guidelines.

Alexander Engel holds a diploma in Electrical Engineering of the University of the German Armed Forces.

Phone: +32 (0)2 729 33 55