Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

IP Technology has now the true potential to fulfil operational and technical G-G ATM Voice communications and to replace old analogue and digital Time Division Multiplexing / Pulsed Code Modulation (TDM/PCM) technologies.

EUROCAE Working Group 67 (WG-67), as from 2004, undertook the mission to develop a set of documents:

  • ED-136 VoIP ATM System Operational and Technical Requirements
  • ED-137 Interoperability Standard for VOIP ATM Components : Radio-Telephone-Recording-Supervision
  • ED-138 Network requirements and performances for voice over internet protocol (VOIP) air traffic management
The objectives of the two days EUROCAE ATM VoIP Training Course are for each student:
  • To catch the EUROCAE WG-67 (2004-2024) context, having developed the published EDs 136/137/138.
  • To understand how ANSPs people have to use the EDs for performing their ATM VoIP systems implementation including the possible necessary migration from their current legacy interconnected VCS/GRS/Recording/Supervision systems.
  • To understand how VCS/GRS/Recording/Supervision/IP Network Suppliers people have to use the EDs for developing ATM VoIP Systems for provisioning ANSPs.
  • To correctly answer a personal test proposed by the Trainer, proving the right level of knowledge is acquired.

The trainer is Guy Potiron, the first Chairman (2004-2020) of the EUROCAE WG-67 Voice over IP for ATM Applications.

  • Get a sufficient knowledge and comprehensive view of the different components of a VoIP ATM system and their mutual interfaces through a full overview of the latest updated ED-136, ED-137, ED-138 (18 EDs) supported by a word Student’s Training Workbook and Power Point Training Modules
  • Get a deeper knowledge of some EDs contents selected previously by the students according to their competence and interest
  • Certificate of completion of the course
  • Anyone involved in ATM VoIP development and implementation of ATM VoIP design, manufacturing and operations
  • This includes managerial, technical and operational people (ATM VoIP Suppliers, Users but also Authorities)
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16-17 October 2024: CLASSROOM AT EUROCAE HEADQUARTERS IN PARIS, 09:00-17:00 (€1,120 for Members / €1,400 for non-members)



For any information please contact trainings@eurocae.net