Call for Participation WG-111: Airport Collaborative Decision Making


Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) is a concept aiming at improving operational performance at airports which involves not only the airport operators but also other stakeholders such as: ANSPs, aircraft operators, ground handlers, de-icing companies and supporting services. Many airports have already implemented A-CDM and efficiently benefit from it. 

EUROCAE Working Group 111 was established by the EUROCAE Council in 2019 and members have been working on updates to the existing EUROCAE standards for A-CDM, which were published in 2008.  Members of WG-111 are working closely with EUROCONTROL to develop complementary standards for A-CDM, with the EUROCAE standards focusing on the technical requirements for A-CDM systems, supporting the functional requirements which will be documented by EUROCONTROL.


EUROCAE will, in early-mid 2024, be issuing the following documents for Open Consultation:

  • ED-141A Minimum Technical Specifications for Airport Collaborative Decision Making (Airport CDM) Systems.
  • ED-146A Guidelines for Test and Validation Related to A-CDM Interoperability.

The active contribution to WG-111 has for some time been limited to a small ‘core group’ of dedicated experts. EUROCAE is seeking to expand the group of active contributors across all aspects of A-CDM system management.  In particular, the Working Group is seeking active participation from experts in A-CDM, data modelling and SWIM, to support the development of the following 2 documents:

  • ED-145A ‘Airport Collaborative Decision Making (Airport CDM) Data Model Specification’ (This document will supersede ED-145 ‘Airport CDM Interface Specification’).
  • ED-XXX (new document) Airport Collaborative Decision Making SWIM Interface Specification.

The Working Group is also seeking a new Chairperson, and we invite you to consider your interest in such a role.


If your company is interested in a contribution to these activities, please complete the registration form available here.

This Call for Participation will close on 1 March 2024!  A WG-111 meeting will be scheduled soon after, with details to be provided to interested new members, along with our existing WG-111 members.

If you have any questions concerning the activities of WG-111 and how you may be able contribute, please contact