Call for Participation

New Activity: MASPS Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Propulsion.

EUROCAE is launching a Call for Participation to inform interested members about the ongoing activity undertaken by Working Group 125 - Next Generation Aviation Professionals under SG-1.

EUROCAE Working Group 70 in September 2010 published ED-142, the "Technical Specification for Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) Systems". Being almost 13 years old and considering the significant technological advances in this surveillance technology it is apparent, that this document needs to be revised.

On 21 April 2023, the EUROCAE Council approved the creation of WG-127 Lower-risk Aviation Applications. The working group is tasked to develop a simplified software development methodology for lower-risk applications. 

The new Working Group has been tasked to develop a concise description of the operational scenarios where ATC and VCS Systems may be sharing flight information and the identification of all information elements they may exchange to provide ATCOs with a more integrated platform, capable of enhancing their capability of proactively managing the air traffic they are responsible for.
The new Working Group will also define the communication interface between ATC and VCS Systems for information sharing.