Call for Participation WG-125: Next Generation Aviation Professionals (NGAP)

EUROCAE is launching a Call for Participation to inform interested members about the ongoing activity undertaken by Working Group 125 - Next Generation Aviation Professionals under SG-1.

A general guidance document is proposed to be developed in Working Group 125 Subgroup 1 Mentoring, which hopes to achieve some of the following objectives:

  • Outline the key attributes and strategies essential for effective aviation mentoring initiatives.
  • Examine techniques for setting and managing expectations within mentorship relationships, including the qualities of an ideal mentor, the mentee's approach to mentorship, recommended mentorship duration and evolution, and more.
  • Suggest tools and methods for matching mentors and mentees effectively.
  • Identify the indicators that denote the triumph of a mentorship program.
  • Explore the concept of role modelling as an alternative approach to mentoring.
  • Analyse the use of mentorship as a means to engage young individuals in the aviation industry.
  • Investigate the concept of peer-to-peer support as an alternative mentoring approach.
  • Assess how integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion enhances the success of mentoring programs in aviation.

To perform this activity, expertise is required from the aviation industry, especially representatives that have significant experience in providing formal and/or informal mentorships. The Subgroup is interested in incorporating lessons-learned from companies that have well-established mentorship programs as well as professionals who have acted as mentors. However, we would also appreciate feedback from mentees on their experiences. This effort intends to be applicable to mentorships for Secondary School (High School), University, and Career Professionals.

If you were interested in participating please fill this registration form.