Call for Participation EUROCAE WG-62 SG-1 on BDS

EUROCAE is launching a Call for Participation to inform interested parties about the creation of WG-62 SG-1 focusing on BeiDou Navigation Satellite Systems (BDS) and to provide a possibility to nominate project participants.

Within the frame of EUROCAE WG-62, SG-1 is pursuing the objective of developing an Internal Report on Beidou System and BDSBAS to be completed by Q3/2023.

The purpose of this internal report is to:

  • Provide regular programmatic information on BDS and BDSBAS.
  • Provide support material on the BDS signal and navigation message operation.
  • Provide the inputs needed to build a MOPS and the “GNSS table” with information from the BDS SARPs, BDS ICD and BDS performance standard.
  • Assess core constellation assumptions used in ED-259A and provide elements associated to BDS.
  • Assess the RF interference work performed by RTCA WG-6 for GPS and Galileo signals and provide “delta study” considering BDS signals.
  • Assess the antenna MOPS requirements and provide “delta study” considering BDS signals specificities.
  • Present receiver prototyping activity and results with BDS.

If your company is interested in a contribution to these activities, please complete the Registration form available here or join directly the SG in the EUROCAE workspace at My WGs.

The SG will meet for the first time on Monday 13 December 2021 during WG-62 meeting taking place jointly with RTCA SC-159 WG-2.

The deadline for registration is Sunday 12 December.

EUROCAE requires membership to participate in the activities subject to this Call for Participation.  For information please consult:

For any additional information please contact Anna Guegan,  Technical Programme Manager at