2019 EUROCAE Symposium &

56th General Assembly

25-26 April 2019 | Toulouse, France

Host: École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC)

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SYMPOSIUM Conclusions


DAY 1 | Thursday, 25 April

Registration: 08:30 AM

Networking breakfast: 08:30
Starting time: 10:00

Opening remarks:
Jean Brice Dumont - Executive Vice President, Head of Engineering, Airbus
Nicolas Cazalis - Vice President, ENAC
Jean-Jacques Woeldgen - Policy Officer ATM, Single European Sky Unit, DG MOVE, European Commission
Francis Schubert - Chief Corporate Officer and Deputy CEO Skyguide, EUROCAE President
Christian Schleifer - Secretary General, EUROCAE

Session 1: New vehicles and autonomy trends in aviation

Unmanned Aircraft Systems and other newcomers in aviation with their associated technologies offer new expectations in the aerospace domain, including the possibility of more autonomous concepts for manned and unmanned aviation. Such a future will impact the existing infrastructure and services, but the overall principle of maintaining the current level of safety (and security) will remain paramount, leading to the review of regulations in a Performance Based Approach, which in turn will lead to development of new standards. This session will look at the expected evolution toward a more autonomous aviation and the necessary adaptation of both regulations and the standardisation landscape to facilitate integration in the ATM/UTM infrastructure.

Elgiz Baskaya - Researcher ENAC Drone Team

Mirko Reuter - Head of Autonomous Flight, Lilium
Hannes Alparslan - Project Officer Aviation Cyber, EDA
Christian Cantaloube - Chief Architect for RPAS/UAS, Thales AVS France
Pascal Traverse - General Manager for Autonomy, Airbus
Sven Halle - Regional Officer ANS Implementation, ICAO
David Solar - Head of VTOL Department, EASA

Session 2: Connectivity and digital services

Connectivity and digital services are at the forefront of aviation development. Aircraft and air traffic management systems are increasingly automated, relying on digitalisation machine learning and artificial intelligence. This raises the question of validation and certification of applications using non-deterministic software. Automation has the potential of improving safety and facilitating the maximisation of resources but at the same time exposes the system to new risks for example in the area of security. This session will look into the regulation and standardisation of connectivity, digital services, machine learning and artificial intelligence the purpose being to find the right balance between performant connectivity and the right level of security.

Manfred Mohr - Assistant Director SESAR, International Air Transport Association (IATA) 

Stephane Dubet - Head of R&D, Direction des Services de Navigation Aerienne (DSNA)
Marc Gatti - Advance R&T Director, Thales Avionics
Eric Peyrucain - Digital Transformation Leader, Airbus S.A.S.

Beatrice Pesquet - Research and Innovation Director, Thales LAS
Janick Cox - Innovation Network Coordinator, EASA
Eugen Popescu - Cyber Security Inspector, Romanian CAA

Session 3: Innovative ATM solutions - benefits and potential of digital solutions

Innovative solutions for the provision air traffic services through remote tower have been successfully deployed at several airports throughout Europe and globally, to the point where some States have decided to replace traditional towers entirely by remote ones. The technology has proven its benefits and ICAO, EASA and national regulators and authorities are active to set the regulatory framework for their operations. Although remote towers bring many benefits and more are being deployed, the possibilities of further digital transformation of the tower go much further to leverage the full potential of this emerging technology, such as virtual centres or further integration of sensor technology or with other airport stakeholders through A-CDM. This session will review feedback from current operations, latest R&D outcomes and potential for future expansion of the concept of remote provision of air traffic services.

Conor Mullan - Managing Director, Think Research

Klaus Meier - Chief Information Officer, Skyguide
Ignacio Baca - Executive Vice President Technical, IFATCA
Marouan Chida - Digital Transformation and Innovation Officer, SESAR Joint Undertaking
Ginette Bebeung - Executive Vice President, Searidge
Ralf Bertsch - Director Planning and Innovation, DFS
Georg Trausmuth - Director Corporate Research, Frequentis
Brian Jolly - Senior Expert ATM/ANS, EASA

56th EUROCAE General Assembly: starts at 17:00

Dinner followed by the Awards Night: starts at 20:00

Venue: Hôtel Dieu (see directions here)

Hôtel-Dieu Saint Jacques
2, rue Viguerie
TSA 80035
31059 Toulouse cedex 9

Presentations are available here

DAY 2 | Friday, 26 April

Starting time: 09:00

Opening remarks:
Terry McVenes, RTCA President

Session 4: Airport developments

Recent technological developments have raised challenges not only in the air but on the ground as well. Airports play an important role in the air transportation chain and the development of airports as key infrastructure is without a doubt one of the highest priorities for our industry. Airports implement technological solutions to increase safety, security, capacity and efficiency in operations. This session will look at the latest technological developments in this domain and potential solutions to address the regulatory and the operational challenges encountered by airports.

Aidan Flanagan, Manager Safety, Capacity, ATM & SES, Airports Council International Europe

Petr Casek - Technical Manager Advanced Technologies, Honeywell International
Robert Graham - Head of Airport Research, EUROCONTROL
Shigeru Ozeki - Director General, ENRI
Michael Mowinski - Senior Manager Airside Systems, FRAPORT
Roy Bolwede - CTO, ADB Safegate
Farid Zizi - Executive Director, DSNA Services

Session 5: Innovative aircraft systems

Industry innovations grab the attention and make the headlines in world media. Yet some of these innovations are less visible, yet very useful, even necessary and much welcome. Aircraft users are the beneficiaries of enhanced flight operational efficiency achieved through avionics innovation and new technologies. From electric / hybrid aircraft to complex systems and displays and interactive cockpit, innovative developments are reshaping aviation today. This session will look in particular at some of the challenges and opportunities these innovations are bringing up, and how they promise to transform our business in the coming years.

Georges Mykoniatis - Head of Business Development for the Research, Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile

Martin Dostál - Principal R&D Scientist, Honeywell International
Serge Bérenger - Senior Vice President Innovation and R&T, Latécoère
Tarik Aegerter - Technical Director, THALES AVS France SAS
Askin Isikveren - Senior Expert Advanced Aircraft Concepts and Methods, SAFRAN
Sven Kutschera - Airline Senior Expert for Information Management & ATM Development, Lufthansa
Farid Zizi - Executive Director, DSNA Services

Session 6: Satellite-based services

Ground based systems provide only limited coverage for CNS (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance) for the global aviation. The use of satellites to enable global coverage for the various CNS services required to increase safety, performance and capacity of aviation becomes more and more important. This session will look into the relevance of satellites for current and future global aviation, while providing a view on possible solutions when "things go wrong".

Eric Chatre - Head of Sector - Service Exploitation and Evolution, European Commission

Thierry Racaud - CEO, European Satellite Services Provider
Jean-Pierre Rivet - Director, Marketing EuMEA - Avionics, Collins Aerospace
Michele Carandente - Regional Director EMEA, Aireon
Philippe Plantin de Hugues - Special Adviser on International Affairs / Senior Safety Investigator, Bureau d'Enquetes et Analyses
Gerhard Berz - Senior Expert Navigation Systems, EUROCONTROL
Laurent Azoulai - Senior Expert Navigation Systems, Airbus Operations S.A.S.

Closing remarks:
Nicolas Warinsko - General Manager, SESAR Deployment Manager
Mathy Gonon - Dean of Studies and Research, ENAC

Ending time: 15:45





Presentations are available here