New working group: WG-126 / VCS-ATC Systems Integration for ATM Information Exchange

We are pleased to inform you that EUROCAE WG-126 "VCS-ATC Systems Integration for ATM Information Exchange" has been created.
ATC Systems and VCS represent the base combination required for an effective and efficient control of the air traffic assigned to operators. Although these elements are intended to be working together, the one defining the three-dimensional position and identification of an aircraft in the airspace, the other allowing communication to pilots, there is today no standard integration between them. Besides aircraft position, the ATC system collects a number of other information elements through the protocol between aircraft and ground radar station. If made available, such information could be useful for a better usage of the communication infrastructure, allowing rationalisation of radio stations and permitting a punctual selection of the right communication satellite link between ATCO and pilot. Vice versa, the indication/highlighting on the air situation display of the aircraft whose pilot is currently speaking would increase the ATCO situational awareness. A standard in this area would therefore be very beneficial because it provides large benefits to ATCOs having greater situational awareness, reducing their workload and increasing the overall flight safety. Such a standard would therefore bridge the ATM and ATC worlds, by integrating and exchanging information that are today available to ATCOs, but on separate systems.
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