EUROCAE Call for Interest WG-76/SC-206 MOPS for Flight Information Services - Broadcast (FIS-B) using UAT

With the evolution of the Surveillance and Broadcast Services System (SBSS), which provides numerous services to the flying public, the aviation industry and government entities, a need to update the RTCA's "Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS) for Flight Information Services - Broadcast (FIS-B) with Universal Access Transceiver (UAT)", or DO-358B, has been identified. In addition to current operationally implemented SBSS updates there are known meteorological and aeronautical product changes expected over the next five years that also need to be included in this effort to provide lead-time to both users and avionics manufacturers.

While so far DO-358 was developed and published by RTCA only, it is considered beneficial to develop Revision C jointly with EUROCAE to ensure a harmonized, global standard for future implementations.

The joint EUROCAE and RTCA committee is looking for experts in the following areas to contribute to this effort:

- Experts in national weather services and products
- Avionics manufacturers
- End-User representatives (e.g. AOPA)
- Computer Human Interface subject-matter experts
- Software developers
- Communication Systems service providers

If your company is interested in a contribution to these activities, please complete the Registration form available here:

This Call for Interest will close on 07 September 2023!