Press Release | WG-124/SC-242 Spectrum Kick-Off Meeting

Press Release | WG-124/SC-242 Spectrum Kick-Off Meeting
WG-124/SC-242 Spectrum Kick-Off Meeting
EUROCAE and RTCA Hold First Meeting of New Joint Committee/Working Group on Spectrum Compatibility

Today EUROCAE and RTCA held the kickoff meeting for the new joint Working Group 124 (WG-124) / Special Committee 242 (SC-242) focusing on spectrum compatibility. The group was established to develop guidance material on future spectrum use and best practices in aviation. Their work will focus on developing guidelines for standards related to spectrum management and identifying aerospace constraints impacting spectrum management.

Anna von Groote, Director General of EUROCAE, stated “The efficient use of spectrum is an important topic and essential for the safety of aeronautical systems, which often co-exist and share frequency spectrum resources with those of other industries. The work of WG-124/SC-242 will be a crucial part of aviation’s response to the challenges arising from this issue. As a joint activity between RTCA and EUROCAE, it will develop globally applicable guidance, in coordination with our international partners, and provide a platform to build consensus of all relevant stakeholders.”

Terry McVenes, President and CEO of RTCA, added “The importance of this work cannot be overstated. The implementation of modern technologies and any potential impact to frequency spectrum allocations have billions of dollars at stake including significant infrastructure and national security interests. It is my desire that this joint RTCA-EUROCAE effort will serve as a model for how governments and industries can come together, work collaboratively towards solutions early in the development process, and subsequently deploy new technologies all while protecting the safety of the traveling public.”

The joint group meets next on April 20. For further information about participating in SC-242/WG-124, please contact the RTCA Program Director at or the EUROCAE Technical Programme Manager at


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