EUROCAE Open Consultation ED-114B change1

We are pleased to announce the availability of the following draft EUROCAE document prepared by EUROCAE WG-28 "Ground Based Augmentation Systems (GBAS)" for Open Consultation:

Draft ED-114B change1 "MOPS Global Navigation Satellite GBAS Ground Equipment to support Precision Approach and Landing"

This is a change to ED-114B, MOPS for Global Navigation Satellite Ground Based Augmentation System Ground Equipment to support Precision Approach and Landing. Its purposes are: • To resolve findings that were identified in the final stage of closing for ED-114B • To include revisions required due to change in the SARPs and RTCA airborne MOPS on the topic of VDB • To identify dependencies between the ground and airborne elements of GBAS for consideration in equipment approval (Appendix O).
posted on the EUROCAE workspace.

You are invited to review the proposed draft and complete the comment form. Early replies are encouraged.

All comments must be submitted by 8/26/2022 12:00:00 AM.