EUROCAE Award Winners Announced

2020 was a year the likes of which we have never experienced before. Aviation came to a screeching halt early on when the world was hit by COVID-19 – and it hasn’t resumed, at least not to significant levels.

Still, the EUROCAE experts never stopped in their support for the development of high quality aviation standards.

During 2020, in total, 30 documents were published by the EUROCAE Working Groups. These documents represent a vast amount of work (to name one deliverable: ED-102B/DO-260C, the “MOPS for 1090MHz Extended Squitter ADS-B and TIS-B” has a total of 1492 pages plus ‘Supplementary Material’). Impressive!

And do not forget: these experts are volunteers. Most have full-time jobs “at home” and they need to juggle their work commitments with the demands arising from EUROCAE’s activities.

"We are grateful to all our members who ensured that experts support EUROCAE Working Groups in these difficult times for the aviation industry" said Christian Schleifer, Secretary General. "The success of EUROCAE could not be achieved without the valuable contribution from each and every expert. To recognise their efforts with an award is least we can do but I think it means a lot to everybody. Therefore, in 2021 we shall also – during the EUROCAE Symposium – hand out the “EUROCAE Awards”.

Following the well-known nomination and selection process, the following winners were selected out of 25 nominations in the various categories:
  • Ken Carpenter - Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication and contribution to the development of standards for Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems in Working Group 75.
  • Marc Poncon - Working Group Leadership Award for his excellent skills in leading Working Group 14 (Environment).
  • Denis Bouvet - Global Harmonisation Award for his activities in the joint EUROCAE/RTCA activity in Working Group 62 (GALILEO) and Special Committee 159 for the development of GALILEO related standards.
  • Dr. Ikhlas Selmi - Best Contribution Award for driving, facilitating and managing the development of ED-259A (Minimum Operational Performance Standard for Galileo / Global Positioning System / Satellite-Based Augmentation System Airborne Equipment).
  • John Fisher - International Award  who as an Employee of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) supported Working Group 118 (Crash Protected and Light-Weight Flight Recorders) in an outstanding way.

The winner of the 2021 President’s Award is Pascal Medal who recently retired from EASA and was supporting EUROCAE over many years and in various functions, most recently as a member of the EUROCAE Council.

The Awards will be presented during a special session in the scope of the 2021 EUROCAE Symposium. The (virtual) Ceremony is planned for 30 April 2021 starting at 14:40 CEST.


EUROCAE develops high-quality aviation standards, which are built upon the expertise of more than 3500 highly skilled experts nominated by EUROCAE´s 360 European and global members. EUROCAE standards are referenced by all major European and international regulators and are therefore actively contributing to a safe, efficient and sustainable aviation.

For further information, please contact:

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