ED-73F - MOPS for Secondary Surveillance Radar Mode S Transponders

We are pleased to announce the publication of ED-73F|MOPS for Secondary Surveillance Radar Mode S Transponders.
Revision F of ED-73, MOPS (Minimum Operational Performance Standard) for Secondary Surveillance Radar Mode S Transponders. The document has been updated to include changes coming from field experience and from new functionalities linked to the new ADS-B version and ACAS X. As compared with the previous version, the main changes are: - Reduction of minimum level 2 transponder capabilities to surveillance and GICB capabilities, - New requirement to limit RF output power transmitted before, between and after the pulses of a reply, - Introduction of Mode Reply Rate Limiting function, - Air/ground status determination clarification, - ACAS X capability reporting and messages, - Alignment of register 2016 management on register 0816, - New transponder register formats, - Cleaning of EHS tests, - Phase overlay modulation and messages over long Mode S replies option, - Basic dataflash capability and removal of old dataflash capability option, - Interrogation and reply monitoring measurement and messages option.
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