New working group: WG-114 / Artificial Intelligence

We are pleased to inform you that EUROCAE WG-114 "Artificial Intelligence" has been created.
The primary scope of this group is to prepare technical standards, guides and any other material required to support the development of systems and the certification of aeronautical systems implementing AI-technologies. The objectives of the working group are to: • Develop and publish a first technical report to establish a comprehensive statement of concerns versus the current industrial standards. This first deliverable should clarify the future scope of applicability and be released in the first six months. • Develop and publish EUROCAE Technical Reports for selecting, implementing, and certifying AI technology embedded into and/or for use with aeronautical systems in both aerial vehicles and ground systems. • Act as a key forum for enabling global adoption and implementation of AI technologies that embed or interact with aeronautical systems. • Enable aerospace manufactures and regulatory agencies to consider and implement common sense approaches to the certification of AI systems, which unlike other avionics software, has fundamentally non-deterministic qualities.
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