ED-147RevA Open Consultation

We are pleased to announce the availability of the following draft EUROCAE document prepared by EUROCAE WG-81 for Open Consultation

Draft ED-147RevA “ATM Validation Platforms Interoperability Specification”

This document supersedes ED-147 “ATM Validation Platforms Interoperability Specification” (January 2013).

The document has been updated to extend the ED-147 scope and to improve certain areas mainly using SESAR feedback.

As compared with the previous version, the main changes are:

  • Introduction of GroundVehicle object as specialization of the MobileEntity object
  • Introduction of the ATGFlightPlan object
  • Introduction of the FIXM model as support to the definition of the Environment Initial Flight Plan to feed both FlightObject and ATGFlightPlan objects.
  • Introduction of EPP data structure in FMS object
  • Refinement of ADSB message description
  • Addition of SelectedAltitude and SelectedHeading in ADSB message
  • Renaming of the Datalink messages and complete redesign of the header attributes of the message generalization
  • Rationalisation of some data types between Aircraft object attributes and ATGFlightPlan attributes
  • Creation of IdPublishedPointType to replace IdPublishedPointStruct each time a published point is required in a structure for an attribute that is not defined as a union.
  • Removal of Operating attribute of TCASDataStruct
  • Redefinition of the Ref_Id_Receiving/Transferring_Oe string attribute of CoordinationAndTranferStruct into ATSOperationalEntityStruct
  • Modification of constraints for AltitudeMType, AltitudeFtType and SpeedMsType
  • Refinement of Time Synchronisation management
  • Revision of the output data requirements
  • Addition of further comments in QoS as regards Atomicity and Ordering.

The document as well as the forms are posted on the EUROCAE website.

You are invited to review the proposed draft and complete the comment form.  Early replies are encouraged.

All comments must be submitted to eurocae@eurocae.net by 23 December 2016.