Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airworthiness and Safety Training

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airworthiness and Safety Training

Operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, through a variety of configurations, applications and types of operations, are increasingly becoming a reality in the world of civil aviation. New European Regulation, based upon risk-based approach, has been put in place in June 2019 and has endorsed the three pillars concept of Open, Specific and Certified categories for UAS operations, has now become reality faced by anyone engaged in any UAS flight authorisation process. EU regulation and related EASA guidance materials are regularly being updated and completed may still appear as vast "forest" where one could get easily lost.

  • Get a sufficient knowledge and comprehensive view of the most up to date UAS regulatory framework and flight approval / certification process.
  • Identify the risks related to UAS operations. Be familiarised with the UAS Safety Assessment criteria and process.
  • Apply the risk-based approach based upon design and/or operational mitigation measures.
  • Prepare inputs to Operational Risk Assessment in line with SORA methodology (with due consideration on the new version SORA 2.5 that should already be publicly released prior to the next training course) to support the granting of flight authorisation.
  • Course Handout: ED-279, ED-280, ER-010, ER-019.
  • Certificate of completion of the course.
  • The course aims at encompassing the whole subject of UAS Airworthiness Approvals (in EASA terminology: “Specific” and “Certified” categories). It is hoped that the participants will subsequently get a quite complete picture while “zooming” into a number of peculiar issues, such as Safety Assessment process activities and Operational Risk Assessment. Whilst this course does not claim to make the participants technical experts in these latter disciplines, it should allow them to get a good appreciation of the various tools and methods supporting the UAS flight authorisation or airworthiness certification process.
  • Michael Allouche is a worldwide known and active figure in the field of UAS International Rule-making activities to this day, including EASA and JARUS Working Groups (including for the establishment of the SORA methodology)

Anyone involved in UAS design, manufacturing and operations who is involved in (and possibly struggling with) the process of flight authorisation granting by Civil Aviation Authorities. This includes managerial, technical and operational people (UAS Industry, Operators but also Authorities).

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19-21 November 2024: CLASSROOM AT EUROCAE HEADQUARTERS IN PARIS, 09:00-17:00 (€1,280 for Members / €1,600 for non-members)



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