ED-14G Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment Training

Aircraft equipment is exposed to a wide variety of environments during use.  These environments can be disruptive and destructive.  Ensuring proper functioning of this equipment in these environments is paramount to aircraft safety.  Bench level testing of equipment is key to ensuring the survival in these environments.

This course explains the industry-standard methods for performing these environmental tests, as well as how these fit into the overall qualification/certification process.  Design guidelines, adverse affects, and lessons learned are also provided. Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of ED-14G.

ED-14G  Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment


Course format: Classroom, 4 days

Location: EUROCAE HQ Saint-Denis, Paris area, France

Starting time: 09:00 on Day 1

Ending time: 17:00 on Day 4

Cost: EUR 2,650 (excl. VAT) for non-members / EUR 2,120 (excl. VAT) for Members

There are currently no classroom trainings planned. A possible online format is under development and will be announced as soon as available.

For any information please contact trainings@eurocae.net

Benefits of attending

- ED-14G brought to life with classroom scenarios and exercises.
- Understanding of how this fits into the overall certification/qualification process.
- Instructors are from a test lab that performs these test.
- Instructors have been teaching this class for many years.
- Instructors have served on or lead many of the committees that have developed these standards.
- Instructors have 65+ years of applied practical experience of aviation EME certification
- Sharing experiences with colleagues from other aviation stakeholders/countries.
- Extensive course handouts including ED-14G and a digital copy of the presentations.
- Ideal learning environment at EUROCAE HQ in Saint-Denis (Paris area, France).
- Certificate on completion of the course.


Learning objectives

The purpose of the training is to enable participants to adopt a standards-led approach to environmental testing in aviation. The participant will be able to:

  • Select which testing is needed.
  • Select the appropriate test categories and test levels.
  • Describe the proper test setup and test plans.
  • Explain the scope and contents of ED-14G.
  • What alternative test methods are available.
  • Identify the interdependencies between test levels and equipment criticality.
  • Understand how aircraft level requirements drive equipment level testing requirements.
  • Understand which regulations and advisory material relate to which tests.

For any information please contact trainings@eurocae.net