First meeting of the Working Group 125 on #NGAP (Next Generation of Aviation Professionals)

Today marks a historic day for the aviation industry as we kick off the first meeting of the #EUROCAE Working Group 125 on #NGAP (Next Generation of Aviation Professionals).
The NGAP working group is focused on developing the next generation of aviation professionals through education, training, and mentoring. The industry is changing rapidly and it is important to ensure that sufficient qualified and competent aviation professionals would be available to operate, manage, and maintain the future international air transport system.
The NGAP working group is made up of industry leaders, educators, and subject matter experts who will be working together to create a roadmap for the future of aviation education and training. This includes developing best practices, identifying key competencies and skills needed for future aviation professionals, and creating a mentoring program to support the next generation of leaders.
Thank you to all the attendees. Let's work together to shape the future of our industry and ensure that we have a strong and capable next generation of aviation professionals.