EUROCAE High Level Meeting & 55th General Assembly

27 April 2018



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Highlights of EUROCAE High Level Meeting  

27 April, Brussels, Belgium

The visionary outlook EUROCAE has chosen as the topic for the second High Level Meeting reflects the transformations and improvements the organisation has undertaken over the past years. The focus of the two panels, comprised by our high level executives and decision makers from all sectors of aviation, was on the future, vision, priorities and challenges. To this end, the conclusions of this High Level Meeting will be an essential input to further adapt the EUROCAE strategy.

“Our tireless activity in the service of the aviation industry has established EUROCAE as the European leader in the development of worldwide recognised industry standards for aviation and EUROCAE has a deeply rooted culture of celebrating successful achievements” said Francis Schubert, EUROCAE President, during his opening address.

The meeting noted that currently there are several issues facing our industry, capacity and competitiveness as well as environment are priorities while safety will be in no way compromised. As aviation continues to grow, it must do so safely although technology is expected to play an every more important role. During the presentations and discussions, it was mentioned in different ways that the major growth in aviation over the next 20 years is expected to take place in Asia and Africa, and to a lesser extent in Europe. Nevertheless, Europe must keep and pursue the active role it has always shown. Along these lines, how we standardise for the future is very important, while it was confirmed that the technology is ready today.

The discussions looked also at changes in relationship between ICAO and standardisation bodies such as EUROCAE. The goal is that products developed by standard developing organisations (SDOs) are validated by ICAO panels in a way to proof they are fit for purpose to complement and be referenced in ICAO provisions.

There is a need to ensure a balance and synchronisation between industry standards and the performance based regulatory frame, while we understand that also

standards should be non-prescriptive to not hamper innovation and development of solutions.

The availability of standards appears to be a concern and at the same time a priority, as it emerged from the discussions on both panels. EUROCAE is already looking into this increasing demand, aiming to synchronise the development of standards with the regulatory frame and the industry needs as early as possible and actively cooperate with all involved stakeholders. In this respect is was also repeated by several speakers that EUROCAE, as the European leader in this field of standards for aviation, should have a much stronger and formal status within the European standardisation system.

Though there are also disruptive new technologies, this is a positive sign for innovative solutions, which should be taken as an opportunity. UTM and UAS are good examples of the industry that have a system approach and which have an impact already today and even more tomorrow. Much discussion has unfolded on the integration of drones in our current traffic management systems, and the effect on aviation and economic growth in this sector.

To conclude, the meeting agreed that bringing a few quick wins to the industry is needed but a challenge that we are facing today. Technology is ready and will be key for the future to support the targets of SES and globally. Capacity, safety and environmental solutions should be prioritised. Disruptive does not mean to destroy what is working well today, it was seen that different emerging topics include technologies which might shake up our current system. EUROCAE was pleased to note the continuous support from the European Commission and all European organisations, ICAO, the industry and our partners regionally and globally.

EUROCAE Council will further consider these aspects to refine the strategy and the work programme of our organisation.

EUROCAE High Level Meeting Press Release


Presentations and Interactive Sessions

Confirmed speakers and ***Presentations***

Eamonn Brennan, Director General EUROCONTROL

Alex Bristol, CEO Skyguide

Filip Cornelis, Director for Aviation, Acting Head of Unit for Aviation Policy, European Commission

Stephen Creamer, Director of ICAO Air Navigation Bureau

Francois Delille, Director ATM Strategy Thales

Florian Guillermet, Executive Director SJU

Marc Kegelaers, CEO Unifly

Kay Kratky, CEO Austrian Airlines & Process Domain Owner LH Group Flight Operations

Patrick Ky, Executive Director EASA

Jörn Muthmann, Chief Airport Operations Fraport

Jan Pie, Secretary General ASD

Nicolas Warinsko, General Manager SDM




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