57th General Assembly

20 October 2020


On 20 October 2020 EUROCAE 57th General Assembly (GA) took place in a fully virtual environment.

EUROCAE Secretariat prepared the necessary infrastructure and functionalities, to allow members to participate and contribute remotely to the decision-making process.

EUROCAE President, Francis Schubert, opened the 57th General Assembly, after he invited Christine Berg, Head of SES Unit at the European Commission, DG MOVE, to address the audience. The President presides over the General Assembly and therefore chaired the Assembly by starting to introduce the formalities and especially the voting options to the participating members.

Council Chair, Jean-Christophe Albouy, reported about the results achieved and the challenges the organisation faced in 2019-2020, mentioning that it was our strategy and priority to see EUROCAE developing into a lean and efficient Standards Developing Organisation (SDO), able to fulfil and cope with the growing, but also changing demand of our members and the wider aviation community.

EUROCAE Secretary General (SG), Christian Schleifer, highlighted in his report that since the last GA, EUROCAE managed to move its activities into a “new normal” virtual environment, while we increased to 46 active Working Groups, 3400 registered experts and 360 members.

During the General Assembly the new Council of EUROCAE, consisting of a new record number of 20 members, was elected.

The full list of Council members can be found here.

We congratulate all members for their election and thank them for serving on the Council.

For Francis Schubert as President and Jean-Christophe Albouy as Council Chair the mandates ended with the closure of the General Assembly. EUROCAE recognised their leadership role, achievements and contribution to the evolution of EUROCAE and therefore handed over (also virtually) a trophy to show our appreciation for their outstanding services to the organisation.

The Council held its first meeting immediately after the GA, reaffirming the principles set out in the EUROCAE Business Plan and agreeing to continue the work based on the existing strategic objectives, adapting and aligning the priorities to the current COVID-19 and recovery needs. The Council members elected unanimously Bruno Ayral from THALES LAS France SAS as their new Council Chair. He will be supported in his work by two Vice-Chairs, Philip Church from Helios and Michael HOLZBAUER from FREQUENTIS AG, as well as by the Treasurer, Peter GREEN from EUROCONTROL.

Bruno Ayral as the Council Chair will also assume the role of the President of the Association after no candidate was proposed. According to the Constitution, in such a case, the Council Chair is foreseen to ensure the President’s role as well.